Via Querinissima – the cultural route between Røst and Venice

“Via Querinissima is about creating a modern European cultural route based on the story of Pietro Querini. This route is about the merchant from Venice, who drifted ashore outside Røst in 1432, and what you may experience in his wake.

Pietro Querini, a Venetian patrician and merchant, left the moorings of Candia om 25 April 1431, with his Cocca “Querina” and 68 men on board, a cargo of 800 barrels of Malvasia and other valuable merchandise, with the goal of reaching Flanders. However, after a fortunate and dramatic shipwreck, Querini and his crew set off on what would be an impressive voyage which would lead them to the Lofoten Archipelago, well beyond the Arctic Circle.”

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