Via Querinissima Pit Stop in Bodø

On Friday January 27th was an important day of work at the beautiful Jektefartsmuseet   (the Norwegian Jekt Trade Museum in Bodø) there was a full-day seminar organized by the department “Kunst og kulturutvikling” (Art and cultural development) of Nordland fylkeskommune     (Nordland Region) dedicated to the Via Querinissima.

We discussed the meaning of this project for the Nordland Region which is a founding member of the international association “Via Querinissima”.

The commitment of the Nordland region to develop networks and collaborations within the Via Querinissima, to increase the links between Nordland and Europe, to develop projects in the fields of culture, tourism, education, business, research and food was confirmed and relaunched

For more than fifteen  years, the Nordland Region has been involved in the magnificent adventure of the Via Querinissima project, in the name of the values transmitted by the incredible adventure of Pietro Querini; solidarity, hospitality, meeting between different people, exchange, culture, food, trade…..

We also confirmed the link between Via Querinissima and Bodø2024 “European Capital of Culture”. Via Querinissima will be one of the permanent legacies of Bodø 2024!

The wonderful Jektefartsmuseet (the Norwegian Jekt Trade Museum in Bodø) was a perfect place for this seminar. A museum where the story of Pietro Querini is also remembered and described.

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