Via Querinissima and the Hansa Route

Discovering the Hansa Route along the Via Querinissima

For travellers seeking adventure and discovery along the Via Querinissima, a unique experience awaits along the way: the Hansa Route. This ancient trade route, certified by the Council of Europe, intersects with the Via Querinissima in two important cities: Rostock, Germany, and King’s Lynn, UK.

The Hansa Route, named after the medieval Hanseatic League trade league, offers travellers a fascinating immersion into the history and culture of the coastal cities of northern Europe. Following in the footsteps of the merchants and sailors who once plied the trade routes of the Baltic and North Seas, pilgrims can explore ancient ports, traditional markets and fascinating old towns along the way.

The meeting of the Via Querinissima with the Hansa route in Rostock and King’s Lynn is a significant moment for travellers along the way. It is a unique opportunity to explore the historical and cultural connections between the two routes, discovering the stories and traditions that have shaped communities throughout the centuries.

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