Via Querinissima and Route of St. Olav’s ways meeting

On 5 and 6 December 2022 there was an important meeting in Trondheim between Via Querinissima and Route of Saint Olav Ways.
In these two days, the many points of contact between the two cultural routes were identified and it was decided to plan the signing of a bilateral collaboration agreement.
In particular Hans Morten Løvrød, Manager of St’Olav route and Stefano Agnoletto, Project leader for Nordland Region and member of the international staff of Via Querinissima international association, agreed that the two routes can collaborate in three fields: a twinning between the Trondheim festival and the Sandrigo festival in Italy; a collaboration between the Swedish partners of the two routes to study the passage of Pietro Querini; a collaboration between the Norwegian partners of the two routes on the pilgrims’ ways in North Norway.

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