Via Querinissima and Iter Vitis

We are enthusiastic about the cooperation agreement concluded between Via Querinissima and the Council of Europe’s Iter Vitis itinerary.

The connection between the Via Querinissima and Iter Vitis is not limited to the exploration of European wine landscapes and traditions, but also embraces a rich oenological history. On his journey, Querini also transported Malvasia.

Malvasia occupied a prominent role in the maritime trade routes of the Mediterranean and Northern Europe. During the Renaissance and beyond, it was widely traded and appreciated for its quality and versatility, becoming a coveted commodity for merchants and nobles throughout Europe.

The encounter between the Via Querinissima and Iter Vitis celebrates not only the richness and diversity of Europe’s wine landscapes, but also the crucial role of Malvasia and other wines in narrating culture, history and human relationships over the centuries.

Through food and wine experiences and encounters with local producers along the route, travellers can savour not only the wine, but also the history and traditions that accompany it, creating lasting connections between past and present along the Via Querinissima and Iter Vitis.

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