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Väderkvarn, Västra Götaland, Västergötland di Skötsner-Edhlund - Upplands Museum, Sweden - Public Domain. https://www.europeana.eu/item/91617/upmu_photo_ED07380

The name in the Swedish language means Western Götaland, where Götaland (Land of the Göter/Guter, but also Land of the Geats or Land of the Goths) is one of Sweden’s three historical regions.

The Götars or Gutars (now also called Gotlanders) were an ancient Scandinavian population, from which descended Geats (those who remained in Götaland) and Goths (those who migrated from Götaland).

In Anglo-Saxon-language literature, such as the poem Beowulf (where battles between Swedes and Geats are described), the archaic diction Vestergotland is used, but a Latinized version of the name is also widespread in medieval times: Westrogothia.

vastra gotaland

Västra Götaland Today

 Västergötland is a province in southwestern Sweden.

Västergötland includes parts of Sweden’s two largest lakes, Vänern and Vättern. It also overlooks, for a short distance, the Kattegat (North Sea).

“Culture, the natural heritage and the cultural heritage represent irreplaceable values – both in themselves and as drivers of development, sustainability and health.”

There is a rich natural and cultural heritage here and plenty to experience for all ages and interests.

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Sunset in Västra Gotaland
Västra Gotaland
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