We know from Pietro Querini’s diary that after leaving Rost to return home to Venice, one of the many stops he made was in Trondheim. Here he met with the bishop. They celebrated a solemn mass in honour of St Olav in the Nidaros Cathedral in Trondheim and had lunch.

From Pietro Querini’s diary: On the way home we met the archbishop who was visiting the friars. […] He offered to write a letter addressed to the city of Trodon (Trondheim), where he had his seat and where the body of St. John was kept. Olaf, King of Norway, so that they would welcome us well since we had to pass through there. […] We arrived in the town.

[…] On the day of the Ascension of our Lord, we were escorted into the city, to a very ornate church, dedicated to Saint Olaf, where the patron priest and all the inhabitants were gathered for mass.

Trondheim Today

Trondheim, is a city steeped in history, culture and Nordic charm.

Founded in antiquity as the Viking city of Nidaros, Trondheim is now a vibrant university town and the third largest urban centre in the country. Its history is evident in its beautiful medieval buildings, including the majestic Nidaros Cathedral, which is one of Norway’s most important pilgrimage sites.

Besides its rich historical heritage, Trondheim is also known for its lively cultural scene, welcoming streets and traditional markets. With a combination of old and new, Trondheim enchants visitors with its beauty, unique character and Nordic spirit. It also hosts the annual Saint Olav Festival, which attracts many visitors.

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