Three panels to communicate what Via Querinissima is

Via Querinissima wanted to create three distinctive panels that could best express what the itinerary is today. 
The main objective of Via Querinissima is to promote quality tourism, a kind of slow travel that allows one to explore the territories and to highlight the fundamental values emphasised in Pietro Querini’s itinerary, including solidarity, hospitality and intercultural dialogue.
These three panels have been organised according to the themes that each one explores.
The first panel, entitled “A Travel of Discoveries“, proposes to retrace the journey undertaken by Pietro Querini, offering an immersion in the journey itself.
The second, entitled “Intercultural Dialogue Looking into History and Stories“, highlights how the values embodied in Querini’s journey are the same values that guide the activities of Via Querinissima today: hospitality, solidarity, sharing and exchange of knowledge.
The third panel, entitled “Experiencing Our Landscapes, Between Seas, Lands, and Skies“, promotes the current identity of Via Querinissima: a sustainable network stretching between lands and seas, enhancing the cities and territories that are part of this experience
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