Three new members join the Association!

We are delighted to share with you the exciting news of three new members of our Association in order to promote Pietro Querini’s legacy.

A warm welcome to the Nordland County Library, the Municipality of Bodø and the Querini Stampalia Foundation, who have joined our community with enthusiasm and passion.

The inclusion of theese three new members, is a significant addition to our network. Their presence underlines our unwavering commitment to promoting the rich cultural heritage linked with Pietro Querini.

The Nordland County Library brings a wealth of experience in promoting a love of reading and facilitating access to knowledge.Nordland County Library /NCL) is part of the county administration and aims to be a strong contributor to library development in the whole county, which consists of 41 public, municipal libraries in addition to libraries in schools and universities. Bodø Municipality has a proactive stance in supporting cultural endeavours strengthens our collective efforts to enrich the fabric of our local communities.Bodø is the county capital of Nordland, located at 67°17’N and is Northern Norway’s second largest city with around 53,000 inhabitants and the city is Capital of Culture 2024.

Last but not least, the Querini Stampalia Foundation, in its role as an honorary member, stands as a beacon for the preservation and promotion of Venice cultural heritage. In 1868 Giovanni Querini Stampalia founded by will an institution with the task of “promoting the cult of good studj, and useful disciplines.” This is the ever-present vocation of the Foundation: to be a place of research and education, of meeting and confrontation, of personal growth and dissemination of knowledge. Moreover, is the only example in Venice in which the entire heritage of the noble family has been preserved

Once again, we warmly welcome our new members and thank all those who continue to support and actively participate in Via Querinissima’s initiatives.

Together we look forward to opening this new chapter of growth and collaboration in the name of Pietro Querini!


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