Stegeborg Castle

Stegeborg Castle, now in ruins, is located in the municipality of Söderköping, Sweden, on an island in an inlet of the Baltic Sea.
Among the best-preserved castle ruins is a 13th-century square tower located at the southeast corner of the complex.
Here, Querini’s visit to the feudal lord Zuanne Franco (Venetian, known in Sweden as Johan Vale) is re-enacted.
On the return voyage, Querini and the other sailors stayed with Zuan Franco for about 40 days. From the diary of Pietro Querini (P.Nelli, 2007): This gentleman inquired about our shipwreck, and comforted and helped us with such fervour that one could not even think of anything better, so courteous was he in nature and in manners. Throughout the 40 days or so that we stayed there, he went out of his way to ensure that we were all treated well, and not even in our own homes could we have received better treatment.

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