Serenissimo Baccalà

Written by Ermanno Tagliapietra and Michela Dal Borgo: Baccalà (dried cod) is one of the traditional dishes of Italian cuisine, especially that of the Veneto region. Tasty, different, popular and refined at the same time. Each region has its own typical recipe and cooks it in its own way: white or red, Venetian or Vicenza style, Genoese or Messina style, in the manner of monks or nuns. But how did it arrive in Italy and how does it arrive today? What are the secrets and recipes from one end of the peninsula to the other? This book offers you the answers you are looking for. It travels from the lagoon to the Lofoten Islands, to the Arctic Circle. Up there, stockfish are hung in the wind and snow. It follows the codfish that becomes salt cod to our tables. History, recipe books, documents and reality. From the last beaters to the last mill, an adventurous, curious, but above all tasty journey. With contributions by Arrigo Cipriani and Edoardo Pittalis.

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