Røst is a municipality in Nordland County, Norway, beyond the Arctic Circle of the southwestern tip of the Lofoten Islands archipelago.

When Pietro Querini was shipwrecked, he arrived in Sandøya, which belongs to the Røst Islands and was rescued by one of the islanders.

Querini and the few survivors spent months on the island learning about its customs and traditions.

Pietro Querini about the inhabitants of Røst said “120 people lived on this islet. They lived off fishing, because no fruit grows in that extreme region. For four months of the year, June July August and September, it is always daytime and the sun never sets. In the opposite months they always have moonlight. During the year they catch a large amount of fish, but only two species. The first, in much larger quantities is called stockfish”.

Thanks to this journey between Italy and Norway, a deep human, cultural and economic bond was forged, and the community is twinned with Sandrigo Municipality.

One of the most important projects on the island is the Querini Opera: it is a magnificent musical performance that takes the audience on an exciting journey to discover the story of Pietro Querini.

Helpful links

Official tourism website: https://visitrost.no/ 

Querini Opera website: https://www.querini.no/

Querini’s Literaty Park: https://www.parchiletterari.com/parchi/pietro-querini063/parco 

Røst interactive map: https://kart.visitrost.no/ 

Querini Pub & Restaurant:https://kart.visitrost.no/map/?Walk=69

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