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Venezia - Under and Tuglas Literature Centre, Estonia - CC0.

Pietro Querini is well-known in the entire Veneto, both for cultural heritage and for local cousin identity. Its family was well-known in the Republic period because of their role in international commerce, nowadays Fondazione Querini-Stampalia represents a Cultural Institution famous for its activities and archives and we can find Pietro Querini tracks all over Venice, for instance in the old fish market. The stockfish, called Veneto bacalà, represents a traditional food in Veneto cuisine. 

Veneto Region subscribed to a partnership agreement with Nordland Region in 2017 formalizing the engagement of both partners to promote the relationship between the two areas in several sectors, starting from the historical friendship based on Pietro Querini’s journey.

Veneto today

Veneto today


Veneto is one of the biggest regions of Italy, it is rich in history and culture and is one of the most developed areas of Europe. This territory hosts 9 UNESCO heritage, and it is a huge touristic destination where it is possible to move from the Adriatic Sea to the Alps in a couple of hours, passing through hills, villages and thermal locations. 

It is worldwide recognized as The Land of Venice, its main city was a light in the part thanks to the Republic of Venice, that shaded the Europe and mid-east areas for centuries.

According to the Italian Constitution, Veneto Region is the regional body in charge of the definition and management of several policies including Culture and Tourism, which represent two drivers of the economic growth and occupation of the area.

The Regional Government acts to preservedevelop and promote the Veneto heritage.

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