Querini pub & restaurant

If you wish to enjoy fun and relaxing vibes in Røst, you will also find several pubs and restaurants including: the QueriniPub managed by Ann Cecile Pedersen excellent chef who mixes the Italian and international flavours with those typical Norwegian.

Some information about Querini Pub:

  • Official appointed member restaurant by the Confraternita del bacalà alla vicentina;
  • Here you can find a small Italian library managed by the “Dante Alighieri comitato di Røst” – northenmost committee  in the Worldvide association “Dante Alighieri Society”;
  • Here there is also  -A cinema room showing a film version of the Querini .opera (composed by Henning Sommerro and libretto by Ragnar Olsen);
  • A small shop containing souvernirs connected to the Querini story and to local history.

Helpful links

More info: https://kart.visitrost.no/map/?Walk=69  

Official Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/querinipubogrestaurantrost/ 

 Røst official tourism website: https://visitrost.no/

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