Private body – Non Profit Association – Italy

Pro Loco Sandrigo is an organization that deals with tourism and, in particular, with the promotion of the territory, food, wine, culture, and local traditions.

It was founded in 1954 and, from the beginning, has collaborated with public and private entities that share the same vision and mission.

It organizes important national and international events: the most famous is the Festival of “Bacalà alla vicentina” which is held every year in September, attended by 50.000 people.

During the festival it is possible to taste the famous typical dish and numerous events are proposed that see the involvement of Italian and Norwegian partners.

In 2007 and 2012, the Pro Loco of Sandrigo together with the Confraternity of Bacalà undertook the journey by sea and land following the route of the Venetian nobleman Pietro Querini. Since then, during each year’s Festa del Bacalà, the Venetian nobleman who brought stockfish to Italy is commemorated with a re-enactment during the Investiture Ceremony.

The Doge during the Festival of Stockfish

Shows at Festival of Stockfish

Stockfish at the Festival

Bacalà alla Vicentina is served by 100 volounteers