Pietro Querini’s memorial

On the 500th anniversary of the arrival of Pietro Querini and his comrades in Røst after the shipwreck of the “Cocca Querina” , the island decided to commemorate the event with a memorial. This monument placed on the cliff of Sandøya, where the crew landed on the 6th of January 1432, is a constant reminder of the lasting friendship ties between the Lofoten Island and the Veneto Region.

Pietro Querini about the arrival on the island of Sandøya said: “the prow touched land and those in front came down and found it covered in white snow. I took in so much of it in my parched stomach that I could not have carried it on my shoulder, so much was it, and one cannot understand the satisfaction of my mind, for it seemed that in that descent of the liquid there was the fullness of all happiness and health.

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