Pietro Querini Literary Park

Literary Parks are routes and itineraries along the places of life and inspiration of great writers. Cities and villages, but also landscapes and countryside narrated in a text, become a cultural and environmental heritage to be protected, valorised and made accessible to visitors through a journey into literature and memory by means of cultural activities and events designed to make writers and their places of inspiration known.
The literary park in Røst dedicated to Pietro Querini: ” I, Pietro Querini of Venice, have promised myself to write down exactly, for the memory of posterity, the adversities that have befallen me and the places where they have happened to me according to the dispositions of the fickle wheel of fate”.
The Pietro Querini Literary Park was established in 2017 and is dedicated to Querini’s unique description of the landscape and popular life in Røst, and to the writers and artists inspired by Querini’s story and the landscape in which he walked.


Helpful links

Official website: https://www.parchiletterari.com/parchi/pietro-querini-063/parco 

Official tourism website of Røst Municipality: https://visitrost.no/

Interactive map of Røst: https://kart.visitrost.no/it

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