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Public body – Norway

Lofoten di Christian Hallbauer (1900-1954) - 1942 - Harz Museum Wernigerode, Germany - CC BY-NC-SA. https://www.europeana.eu/item/2064135/

Pietro Querini is well known throughout the Nordland Region and his adventure is now part of Norwegian history.

 The first discovery of Querini’s travels for Norwegians took place in the 18th century, then interest in Querini was rediscovered again in the 19th century when the Norwegian nation state was established.

In 1897 Hjalmar Pettersen published a bibliography on foreigners’ travels in Norway, in which translations of Querini’s travels in Norway can also be found, printed in Scotland in 1811 and in London in 1625.  Aas points out that at the same time a strong oral tradition existed in Røst about the visit of the Venetians in 1432.

The emergence of universities in northern Norway was an impetus to start research into the regional history of northern Norway. Such as the Querini story told by King Alfred of Wessex in about 890.


Nordland today


Nordland County Council is a public body that governs the Norwegian county of Nordland in the north of Norway, crossed by the Arctic Circle.

It extends about 500 km, bordering Sweden to the east, and the Atlantic Ocean to the west.

Nordland County has a rich coastal culture dating back 10,000 years, with archipelagos of thousands of islands, fjords and artic sandy beaches. It is home to the majestic glacier Svartisen, and to one of the strongest maelstroms in the world, Saltstraumen.

In Nordland, it is possible to enjoy both the midnight sun in the summertime and the northern lights in wintertime.

Nordland has a wealth of history, which is well-reflected by the many museums in the region, such as the Viking longhouse at the Lofotr Viking Museum, or the international project Artscape Nordland with outdoor sculptures across 36 municipalities. In Nordland, you have also the opportunity to see Sami people’s landmarks and discover their ancient, but lively culture.

Nordland County has a vibrant economy, being a large exporter of raw materials, industrial goods, green energy, and fish products.

Nordland County Council is aligning its developing strategies in order to build a greener and cleaner region

Departments engaged in the project: Cultural Development Department and International Office.

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