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Nord University is located in the counties of Nordland and Trøndelag, with eight locations of which two are the main campuses located in Bodø and Levanger. The geographical spread in Nord University locations span over 700 km along the Norwegian coastline.

Through research, education and social engagement, Nord University contributes to the creation of a sustainable future. In cooperation with society, business and industry in Northern and Central Norway, our 11,500 students and 1,350 staff promote innovative solutions and knowledge-based practice, both locally and internationally.

Nord University has four strategic focus areas: blue and green growth, sustainable innovation and entrepreneurship, societal security, and health, welfare and education.

The university is immediately close to the Lofoten region, and has an important role in the Norwegian institutional universe regarding conserving the cultural heritage in the region – through research and public outreach about topics connected to coastal history and culture in Norway. With a diverse portfolio in education and research, Nord University has several different tools which will be utilized in the Via Querinissima-project.

Studing along VQ

Studying along Via Querinissima

Nord University

Nord University