Nidaros Cathedral

The cathedral was built between 1070 and 1300, and is Norway’s most central church. The constitution of 1814 stipulated that it should be the coronation church for Norway’s regent.

It is the burial church of Olav the Saint. Nidaros Cathedral is Norway’s original archbishop’s church and one of the Nordic countries’ largest medieval churches.

On Pietro Querini’s return journey back from Røst to Italy with boat, they were loaded with dried fish. They had a stop in Trondheim on the trip, where they had the dried fish blessed in the Nidaros Cathedral: “We arrived in Trondheim, and the next day, a Friday, the Ascension Day of our Lord, we were escorted into the city to a very magnificent church dedicated to St. Olaf, where the rector and all the inhabitants were assembled for mass.”


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