Naval History Museum of the Navy

Housed in a natic granary of the Serenissima, it illustrates Italian and Venetian maritime history in particular.

In addition to the main building, whose exhibition area is spread over five levels with a total of 42 exhibition rooms, the Padiglione delle Navi (Ships’ Pavilion), located in the former ‘oar workshop’ of the Arsenal, is part of the museum

Pietro Querini sailed from Candia with a Cocca Veneta, the Cocca Querina. From the book Alla Larga da Venezia in which Querini’s journey is recounted about the Cocca Querina: ‘Beautiful? Yes it is a beautiful ship. The curvature of the planking is accurate. The bow wheel is made from a large curved branch and this gives it strength. The parallel joints in the keel are perfect. The deck is as smooth as Venetian balconies   […]  “.

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