Logo rebranding

During the Querini Opera event on 29 October, our President, Roberto Ciambetti and our Director, Nicoletta Martorana officially presented the new logo, which reflects the path of change we have undertaken.
The redesign of the logo symbolises the complexity and multidisciplinary nature of our itinerary, which encompasses not only culinary tradition, but also culture, tourism, the development of sustainable land management policies, the promotion of slow food, research, climate, landscape and history.
The logo, which retains the imprint of the original, is intended to symbolise the concept of network and journey.
The stylised figures with recurring thicknesses and shapes trace the concept of the path, which is understood as a network that recalls current themes and connections to water and land, between countries and peoples.
The sail that stretches towards the wind, the sea represented by the propulsion of the wave, the horizontal form with the double meaning of the land route, which also represents the stockfish, an element that distinguishes and characterises Querini’s journey.
The three-colour development of the logo stands for the multidisciplinary character of the cultural route and the numerous areas of intervention.
In fact, we imagine Via Querinissima as an engine for the development and support of heterogeneous sectors: a combination of past, present and future.
Different colours to represent European values, history, research and cultural scientific activities through a sustainable approach
Blue: development of the maritime route to discover Europe by sea, enhancing tangible and intangible traditions, including the fishing practices of the ports and the connection with the cities.
Green: on the valorisation of the sea, the climate, fishing policies and the promotion of slow food, socio-cultural development and sustainable tourism.
Red: diaries, Fra Mauro’s globe and Olaf Magno’s map, discovering museums and traditions along the way. Valuing a common European history and its rich identity. Solidarity, welcome and intercultural dialogue.
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