Pietro Querini and his crew embarked on two ships from the port of Lödöse to return home. From this moment on, the crew will split up: Cristofalo Fioravante, Nicolò de Michel and Giovanni dal Vin boarded a ship for Rostock, while Querini and the rest of the crew boarded a ship bound for England.

From Pietro Querini’s diary (P.Nelli, 2007): They informed us that from Lodese (Lödöse), a place on the sea about eight days away, there were two ships, one for Germany, namely for Istor (Rostock), and one for England.


The one to Germany departed first, on which Nicolò di Michele, scribe on board, and the councillor Cristofalo Fioravante, and the dispensary attendant Giovanni dal Vin went. There were eight of us left and we finally left for England with all the supplies for our needs.

Lödöse Today

Lödöse is a small Swedish town located on the banks of the river Göta älv in the south-west of the country. With a history dating back to the Viking Age, Lödöse was an important trading and port centre in the Middle Ages, serving as a hub for trade along the waterway between the North Sea and Lake Vänern. Although today it has become a quieter town, it still retains its historical charm with ancient archaeological remains and fascinating museums telling its story.

Lödöse is also surrounded by breathtaking nature, with large forest areas and waterways that offer opportunities for hiking, fishing and relaxation. With its mix of history, nature and peaceful atmosphere, Lödöse is a fascinating destination for anyone wishing to explore the heart of Sweden.

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