Letter of friendship with Veneto Region and Nordland Council

On 7 October 2014, at the headquarters of the Veneto Region in Brussels, the international ‘Via Querinissima’ project officially got underway: the President of the County of Nordland, Thomas Norvoll, and the Councillor for the Budget of the Veneto Region, Roberto Ciambetti, signed a letter of friendship to foster the development of cooperation in the fields of tourism, economy, environmental protection and culture with particular reference to this project. Thus began the process that could lead, according to the intentions of the promoting committee, to the recognition of the ancient route travelled by Pietro Querini in 1431 as an Itinerary of Cultural Interest by the Council of Europe. The route is in fact the one that led the Venetian navigator, who left the island of Candia and headed for Flanders, to fortunately shipwreck on the small island of Rost, the centre of cod fishing in Norway. He then returned home by land, crossing the whole of Europe with a cargo of stockfish, from which the beginnings of the Baccalà tradition on Venetian soil are traced. The Via Querinissima links 14 countries, creating a route through the different traditions assumed by the use of this fish in the kitchen. The project envisages creating a European network that brings together the countries of the north and south to promote a cultural heritage made up of history, culture, and art that revolves around the manual skills of transforming cod into stockfish and then into salt cod’.


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