Il vento dei fiordi. In bicicletta da Venezia a Capo Nord sulla rotta del baccalà

A book by Alberto Fiorin: a bicycle journey to a legendary destination, following ancient routes of travellers, Venetian merchants and fishermen. Everyone’s dream, to go up the world map and reach the North Cape. And to do it with an almost ‘human’ means of transport, the bicycle, a steel horse that leads to the discovery of new territories and new peoples without barriers and borders. Seven Venetian cyclists chase the scent of baccalà, a traditional Venetian dish, crossing the Arctic Circle, touching the magical Lofoten islands to land at the North Cape. Wind, fjords, seas, whales, islands, shipwrecks, rainbows, snow, ice, waterfalls, lakes, reindeer, moose, history, traditions, climbs and sweat: all elements that are inextricably intertwined in the journey. The author unravels the thread of an adventure of more than 4000 kilometres that turns into a sort of sentimental journey, in search of the memories of a grandfather – never known cyclist and cod importer.

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