Cultural Award “La Querina”

The Querina was a carrack, i.e. a cargo or warship, built on Crete by the shipowner and commander Pietro Querini war, built in Crete by the ship-owner and commander Pietro Querini, to transport goods to the markets of Flanders. 
A wide and spacious sailing ship for a cargo… of culture, of searching for new routes among artists, thinkers, writers, navigators, and all those who – albeit separated by space and time – trace in history inspiration to scan the waves of the future, to understand and promote beauty, innovation, culture, cohesion, community. 
The Querina therefore becomes the inspiration and symbol of this Award desired by the Committee for cultural activities of the Sandrigo library, on the occasion of the Norwegian days that each year renew and seal the twinning with the island of Røst in Lofoten.
This year, for the 1st edition of the Prize, we chose Norwegian writer Einar Stamnes and the Italian cartoonist Paolo Cossi – different talents, ways and perspectives come together in the popularisation of Pietro Querini’s deeds. Thanks to their works, our Querina still finds good wind for her sails!
You are invited to set sail on this journey from the port of Palazzo Marconi, Thursday 21 September 2023 at 19.00 hrs.
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