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Sandrigo is an Italian municipality of 8207 inhabitants in the province of Vicenza in Veneto.

Sandrigo boasts a strategic position in the heart of the Province of Vicenza, and is the Veneto municipality with the highest number of villas and oratories.

An important event that takes place in the town is the ‘Festa del baccalà‘ (Stockfish Festival). Every year in September, the famous Festa del Bacalà alla Vicentina is held in the main square, organised by the local Pro Loco, a nationally and internationally renowned event.
The fish comes from Røst, a Norwegian town in the Lofoten Islands, with which the municipality of Sandrigo was officially twinned in 2001.

In Norway, in honour of Sandrigo, one of the Lofoten Islands was given the name Sandrigøya, which means ‘Sandrigo Island’. Conversely, a square in Sandrigo was dedicated to Røst.

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