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CERS Italy E.T.S. is the national representative of CERS-European Consortium of Historical Reenactments, a subject that since 1997 has been operating through the action of its members – over 150 historical groups and experts in the most diverse scientific, didactic, craft, artistic, editorial, or experimental archaeology – in the field of historical re-enactment applied to territorial marketing, often in Italian and foreign areas not yet affected by mass tourism, or to entertainment. 

It is undeniable, however, that so-called Living History, even before being an effective tool for tourism promotion, is an activity with an increasingly evident cultural and social value, also given the wide involvement of voluntary work and local associations.

Obviously, the importance that Historical Re-enactment has gradually acquired within local cultural and tourism policies makes it increasingly necessary to respect two fundamental parameters: 

authenticity (of clothes, handcrafted objects, traditional dishes offered on such initiatives)

quality (of the representation in its different aspects, as well as of the services to the spectator)

The department engaged in the Project: Presidency Bureau.

The Cers is in charge of the historical re-enactment of Pietro Querini’s journey for the “Festival del Baccalà” in Sandrigo.

Copia di Copia di stockfish

Travel along Via Querinissima

Doge and Pietro Querini in Sandrigo by Cers
Cers in Sandrigo at Festival of Stockfish
Shows with fire
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