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Malvasia written by Francesco Molinari. Molinari emphasises in the book the relevance to the spread of Malvasia in Venice.As we

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Pietro Querini on his return journey also stopped at Bruges in Belgium and then continued on to Basel, Switzerland. Bruges

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King’s Lynn

From the port of Lödöse Pietro Querini arrived in Lilia (present-day King’s Lynn). From Pietro Querini’s diary (P.Nelli,2007): The ship’s

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Scilly Islands

After setting sail from the port of Muros, Pietro Querini resumed his voyage to Flanders but strong storms pushed him

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After days at the mercy of the waves and winds Pietro Querini on August 29th, 1431 managed to arrive at

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Canary Islands

From the port of Cadiz, Pietro Querini continued his voyage to Flanders, but headwinds pushed him toward the Canary Islands.

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