Camino de Santiago de la Ría de Muros Noia joins the VQ Association

Via Querinissima is glad to have the Muros Noia Way of St James Association as a new member. The Muros & Noia Way is a well-kept secret among the Way of St James. It has only recently been officially recognised and attracts pilgrims seeking a mixture of seaside temptations, culinary delights, breathtaking views and a deep connection with nature. It is an ideal refuge from the crowded paths of the Way of St James.
This route differs from other routes in one special feature: the pilgrimage can start from two different points that form a fork-shaped pattern on the map. Pilgrims who choose this route can start from either the northern or southern edge of the estuary, emphasising the unique dichotomy of the route. Those walking this route have the choice of starting their journey from the picturesque fishing village of Muros (in the Muradana variant) or from Porto do Son (the Sonense variant).To reach Compostela, you have to cross both sections
The connection to Pietro Querini:
On 26 October, Pietro Querini and his crew reached the port of Muros.
On this occasion, he and some sailors undertook a pilgrimage to Santiago de Compostela.
On 5 November, the Cocca Querina set sail to continue the long journey.
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