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North Adriatic Sea Port Authority (NASPA) is a public body that guides, plans, coordinates, promotes and monitors port operations.

Its aim is to build a “Model Port” that respects the environment and is safe, open and ethical.

The NASPA is a strategic player in the economy and the well-being of the North East of Italy, namely the main centre of prosperity, innovation and employment of the Country.

In the last years, NASPA has reallocated resources to find the right balance to successfully preserve and valorise the territory, together with its economy.

In this perspective, the NASPA is working to demonstrate that it is possible to combine sustainability and development of ports in terms of traffic volumes and prosperity as well as in terms of lagoon, habitat and environment preservation or in terms of the well-being of communities.

NASPA contributes to preserving and increasing the knowledge about the development of traditions, professions, arts and more generally the maritime culture of the port cities.

It implements activities for the preservation of the cultural heritage – tangible and intangible assets through the collection and preservation of the memory of the social and economic evolution of the port-city relations, as well as through the enhancement of the common identity and traditions linked to common maritime culture.

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