Non Profit Association 

Accademia dello stoccafisso all’anconitana’ (Ancona Stockfish Academy) was established on 31 January 1997, the Academy’s mission is to:
pursue exclusively cultural purposes, with the exclusion of any profit-making purpose;
guarantee the protection of Ancona’s gastronomic tradition linked to the cooking of stockfish;
promote this culture among the local population and the people of the world.

Moreover, the Ancona Stockfish Academy is an association cultural, apolitical, non-political, non-denominational, non-profit association, which applies equal opportunities between the sexes and intends to favour and promote all initiatives that lead to the improvement human beings, the environment and society, through the realisation of cultural activities of various types of cultural activities, with particular attention to those of an eno-gastronomic, educational and scientific character.

The main purpose of the ASA is to protect the traditional wine-gastronomic culture of Ancona linked to the cooking and consumption of stockfish, to the promotion of this culture among the local population and among people all over the world, as well as to support all those who, through studies, works and actions, will take care of spreading this typical expression of Ancona cuisine and good cuisine.

In 2015, at the request of the Academy, the Ancona City Council noted that the dish is on the menu of most restaurants and is requested not only by Ancona citizens but also by a growing number of tourists, that recreational clubs and local associations propose it during their events and that economic operators serve it at mass events, grants Stoccafisso all’Anconitana the DE.CO (denomination municipal denomination) ‘as an identity of the territory, an integral part of its culture and an instrument of promoting local food and wine.

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