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The journey of Piero Querini started from the island of Crete, specifically from the Venetian port of Candia (Heraklion), since he was then Lord of the fiefs of Castel di Temini and Dafnes, famous for the production of the Malvasia wine he wanted to trade to Northern Europe.

From the diary of Pietro Querini

On 25 April, we left Candia to embark on the journey that would prove to be bitter and full of misfortune.


Heraklion today

Heraklion Development Agency is a private law company whose members are Local Government Organizations (LGOs), established in 1989 in the Regional Unit of Heraklion Crete, Greece.

The aims of the Agency are:
1) scientific and technical support towards;
2) design, management, implementation and promotion of national and European programs and initiatives, in cooperation with public, private and social sectors;
3) planning and implementation of programs at local, regional, national and transnational levels, aiming at strengthening social cohesion, promoting social and occupational integration of vulnerable groups, developing social economy and entrepreneurship, fostering cultural, education and vocational training, enhancing tourism, combating poverty, inequality and discrimination, promoting sustainable employment and entrepreneurship;
4) participation in networks operation and other support mechanisms, actions and activities that promote entrepreneurship for the development of agricultural, forestry, livestock, fisheries and other natural resources and the promotion of endogenous capacities.
5) actions and initiatives aimed at preserving the local historical-cultural heritage and ensuring its continuity, to support the current production and local arts creation in the framework of cultural economy.
6) motivation, information, dissemination, and transfer of knowledge to and from the company’s intervention area;
7) application of all related to the above policies at national, transnational and interregional levels.

Among the Members of the Heraklion Development Agency are both the Municipalities of Heraklion and Malevizi. For this reason, representing the territory of the Regional Unit of Heraklion, HDA is willing to contribute with enthusiasm to the “Via Querinissima” Cultural Route by offering the network its historical, scientific and technical expertise.

The network is composed by: Municipality of Archanes – Asterousia; Municipality of Heraklion; Municipality of Minoa Pediados; Municipality of Maleviziou; Municipality of Hersonisos; Municipality of Gortynas; Municipality of Faistou; Municipality of Viannos; Union of Cretan Municipalities; Region of Crete; Union of Agricultural Cooperatives of Heraklion; Union of Agricultural Cooperatives of Peza; Agricultural Cooperative of Archanes; Agricultural Cooperative of Profitis Ilias.

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