About us

About Us

Via Querinissima International Cultural Association​

The Via Querinissima is a modern cultural route, which aims  at following the itinerary made did by Pietro Querini – by sea and by land – and at enhancing the values of solidarity and welcoming as well as promoting cultural, slow, aware and sustainable tourism.

The association was established in Venice on 6 June 2022 with five founding members. It is already building and weaving relations with European organisations and institutions and aims to achieve recognition as a European Cultural Route promoted by the Council of Europe.  

Membri Associazione Via Querinissima

The Logo

The rebranding of the logo prefers to iconise the concept of networking and travel. The stylised figures with recurring thicknesses and shapes trace the concept of the route as opening, route, departure, return and connection by sea and land. 

The restyling of the logo represents the complexity and multidisciplinary nature of our itinerary, which is not only culinary tradition, but also culture, tourism, development of sustainable land-use policies, promotion of slow food, research, climate, landscape, history.

Who We Are

We are composed by public and private bodies

  • Veneto Region (Italy);
  • Nordland Region (Norway)
  • Vastra Goltaland Region (Sweden)
  • Municipality of Cadiz (Spain)
  • North Adriatic Sea Port Authority (Italy)
  • Pro Loco Sandrigo (Italy)
  • Confraternita del Bacalà alla Vicentina (Italy)
  • CERS (Consortium of european re-enactment societies – Italy)
  • UNPLI Vicenza (Italy)
  • UNPLI Veneto (Italy)
  • Municipality of Røst (Norway)
  • Heraklion Development Agency Creta (Greece)
  • Municipality of Sandrigo (Italy)
  • Nord University (Norway)
  • Municipality of Trondheim (Norway)
  • Accademia dello Stoccafisso all’Anconitana (Italy)
  • Camino De Santiago de la Rìa de Muros Noia Association (Spain)
  • Marciana National Library as honorary member (Italy).