27-29 October: a rich weekend in the name of Pietro Querini

An immersive journey: Highlights of the three days in honour of Pietro Querini!
The last few days have been a whirlwind of discoveries, insights and emotional connections as we came together with Nordland fylkeskommune and the other members of the association for an exploration of ‘Travel, exchange, culture and tourism organised by the Nordland region and the Via Querinissima association’ This conference was more than just a meeting; it was a moment where we shared best practises, strategies and values shaping the future of tourism, education, research, and beyond.
From 27 to 29 October, the Querini Opera was staged at the Arsenale in Venice. One of the most riveting experiences was witnessing rendition of Pietro Querini’s shipwreck. It was a breathtakingly faithful recreation that stirred our emotions and left us captivated by its authenticity.
 In addition, on 28 October, we organised a meeting with Mr Matteo Malvani, appointed by the CoE to evaluate the candidature of Via Querinissima, which was also attended by Sweden, Spain, Norway and the Scientific Committee. After the meeting we visited the Marciana National Library (honorary member of the Association).
It was a moment of discussion in which we delved into the exciting prospects for the development of this unique route.
On Sunday 29 October, we proudly presented the new logo, which marks a new chapter for the Via Querinissima. These intense and exciting days were more than just moments of time: they were catalysts for progress, collaboration and the redefinition of our commitment to the cultural and tourism scene. As we reflect on this journey, we are ready for the possibilities that lie ahead.
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